2024-05-13 Kurs Business Mapping & ELM Certification (2 dagar online)

2024-05-13 Kurs Business Mapping & ELM Certification (2 dagar online)

Business Mapping & ELM Certification

Learn business-facing, ensemble logical modeling (ELM) including overview, process and the six artifacts!

This course is intended to cover the complete process from discovering and mapping the business concepts. After completion of this course and successfully taken the exam you will be a Certified Business Concept Maven.   The 6 ELM artifacts will guide you towards the ELM model as input for integration and data warehouse initiatives. Topics covered include understanding the concept behind the ELM, the modeling requirements and artifacts that drive this approach. We will include a brief introduction into the different Ensemble patterns like Data Vault, Anchor and Focal Point to learn why this approach benefits all.  With the guidance and exercises along all 6 ELM artifacts students will experience how to start from a business case and end up with a fully modeled and documented Ensemble Logical Model. Which in itself is ready to be implemented on any technical platform – which can be a physical data warehouse, a virtual data platform, a data lake or in a data mesh architecture.

This course consists of four (4) components: the two day classroom course (online or on site), the online video lessons, the exam and the course material.


* Introduction to the class

* Introduction Business Mapping & ELM

* Introduction ELM Artifacts:

  • CBC List; A listing of all named Core Business Concepts, categorized into “Event / Person / Place / Thing / Other”.
  • CBC Canvas; A canvas artifact to guide and visualize the process of discussing synonyms, hierarchies, levels, etc. Plus discussing missing Core Business Concepts.
  • CBC Form; A Form for CBC disambiguation providing a brief description/definition, including certain attribution, related events, subject areas, synonyms, etc.
  • Event & NBR Canvas: Artifact which helps with the design and refinement of the relationships. Also this is an important document for data delivery teams.
  • NBR Matrix; A listing of all named Natural Business Relations, this will hold all relations as identified from out the events plus all other unique, specific NBR’s recognized in the ELM process.
  • NBR Form; A Form used to describe the relationship plus investigate the right grain, precision and cardinality of the relation.

* From Business Case to Ensemble Logical Model in 6 guided steps

* Model storming

* Adding a next Business case to the existing Ensemble Logical Model and the ELM Artifacts

* CBC  Form deep dive

* The relation between NBR Matrix and NBR Form – more complex relations and relations discovery

* From Ensemble Logical Model to Data Delivery – deep dive in Event & NBR Canvas



This is not a technical session; no computers, only people, white boards & Post-it notes involved!

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